Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Volley Ball

So today I was trying to set up the volley ball net. The only problem was, was that it was all tangled up. So I spent like 45 minutes trying to untangle it. Even though I spent 45 minutes on it, it would not untangle. So I asked my sister if she could help me, but she said she had to eat first. Then I reminded her later and said, "Remember, you said you would help said she me." So then she MIGHT help me. But what I remember her saying to me was that she would help me. So now I am so annoyed by my sisters that I could just punch them in their faces. But I have to keep cool. Well, I will write again tomorrow, hopefully happier.

Always Bailey


  1. I think staying indoors is getting to you...
    time for some anger management.

  2. Such hostility and angst ... perhaps it's time for boarding school - or them to go back? Think of your happy place ..... :)