Thursday, July 2, 2009

So today, I was taking a bath. When I was finished, I went downstairs still in my towel. I sat down in a chair talking to my mom. When I got up to go get changed, my sister Ashley took one corner of my towel and tried to rip it off of me. I screamed at her and ran upstairs holding on tight to my towel. I felt so embarrassed, but then again, she didn't actually take off my towel, and nobody out of family was there so nothing bad really happened. (luckily) I might of not wrote a lot today, but it had a good story in it. Right now, my dog Reilly is under a chair in the family room. Nobody can see him either! thanks for listening,

Always, Bailey


  1. Close call Boo! Good thing it was just you girls! :)

  2. Next time put a pair of shorts and a tube top (ask your mother) underneath your towel and then the joke will be on her! You could say "Ha! Ha! Ashley - you were BOOOOOOED!" Just a thought ....