Monday, June 29, 2009

What a Burn!

So get this, I went to my friend's pool. When I got home I realized my arms and face were burnt. The arms do not matter at ALL! My face was where it hurt! The only problem was that it didn't heal, my face is still to this day burnt! Only the burn is in spots. My forehead, my cheek, my chin, and right under my eyes! It still hurts, but I'm suckin' it up! Now, my forehead is a thin SCAB! I hate it! I really wish it would just disappear! My sisters Delaney and Ashley keep telling me to suck it up even though it HURTS! I hope on vacation this year, they get burnt so bad, it feels like the sun is on their face! Anyway, I can't go out in the sun for a few days now so I stuck in the air conditioning all day. Oh my god, how will I ever live with myself?! (Sarcasm) So if you need me, I'll be chillin' inside with my snacks, my lemonade, and my TV!

Always Bailey


  1. Sorry about the burn Poodle....
    You could always go outside and shoot baskets in the shade....
    We'll miss you at the pool!

  2. I'm sensing a hint of contempt toward the sisters. Are they really that bad? Sorry about the burn - use your aloe and enjoy the A/C and lemonade. And be sure to pack a hat for the shore.