Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Target Day OOH OOH!

Today is dah dah da dah: TARGET DAY! Target day is the day that my family goes to Super Target and gets everything we need for the beach! Delaney, my dad, and Megan couldn't go and Katie isn't going to the beach at all, so it was just me, my mom and my sister Ashley. I got a Spongebob coloring book. My mom and my sister made fun of me because it came with the little crayons and it looked like it was for little kids. But I thought that it looked really fun to be honest! So I am excited for that.
We also got to get candy for the plane. I got Charleston Chews, Ashley got mini Twix, I got Megan sour patch kids, and Ashley got Delaney Starbursts. My mom got little bite size pieces of licorice. My dad will probably just share with my mom. We also had to get gum so our ears wouldn't hurt, but I really don't feel like naming all the names off to you!
Anyway, speaking of the beach, I leave in just TWO days now! I am soooo excited I can hardly wait at all! I'll pack my suitcase and my backpack tomorrow even though I can do all that on the day we leave because our plane takes off at four P.M. But I just like to be on top of things! I even made my beach list (the list of everything I need) in APRIL!
Do you do anything you call "special" before you go on vacation? Anything like my TARGET DAY!? Let me know!

Always Bailey

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