Saturday, July 25, 2009

Car Break In!

So today I was at home when my uncle Scott came to the door to get my aunt Care's car keys. When we finally got him the right keys, he came back inside to tell my dad that my aunt's car had been broken into the night before. So my mom called the police to tell them that my aunt's car had been robbed. The person who broke in just stole the car radio.
The police got there in about 3 minutes or so. My mom actually knew him because she volunteers at the court house all the time!I forgot what his name was, but he got some finger prints and then left. My dad just thinks that it was some stupid teenager who was just being STUPID! This was actually the most exciting thing that happened in my neighborhood since about like 2 years ago. A man across the street had died because a bunny got stuck in a window well and he tried to get it out. Unfortunately, he fell in and died.
Have you ever been robbed before, like from your house or like my aunt care from your car? If you have, contact me and tell me about it!

Always Bailey

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  1. OMG - I have been a victim of theft as well (a few times). When I lived alone in Westminster, about 12 years ago, my apt. was broken into. The only thing that was stolen was my VCR (everything else I had was handed down from family members - I guess it wasn't that appealing), AND....they also stole the movie inside my VCR - Clueless - one my favs! I think I was a bit like the name of the movie..........