Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I'm Leaving!

Tomorrow I am leaving for New Jersey for vacation. I will be gone for two weeks so I will not be able to write to you guys. I will partying it up at the beach while you guys stay here in Broomfield. I stay in a beach house about 5 or 6 houses away from the beach so we don't have to drive 1 hour to get there, we just walk 2 minutes! I am so excited I won't be able to sleep tonight! It's like the day before my birthday or Christmas Eve! I can never sleep!
So anyway, about 3 days ago, my grandpa told me to find out what the word chutzpa meant. Well I found out from my handy dandy dictionary! It means supreme self confidence! Oh yeah, I'm smart!
Anyway, I will be gone and I know that you will all miss me, and by this time tomorrow, I will be at the airport doing my airporty things!

Always Bailey

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  1. We'll miss ya Boo, and we'll take good care of Riley. I'll send someone a text with a picture of Riley, so you don't forget what he looks like! have fun!!!!!