Monday, July 20, 2009


Today my mom and I went to Dave Co Liquors and Bed Bath and Beyond. My mom needed wine and we went to bed bath and beyond for my sisters. When we went to bed bath and beyond, we went straight to the bed section. My sisters needed sheets and what not for their new apartment. I've been telling my mom that I need a new comforter. She saw this one thing that was like a whole bed set for a reasonable price. She said no because there was this one thing that she didn't like about it! Then I was looking in this little section that had some toys in it. I saw this one stuffed thing that was supposed to look like a cool pen that they make. They are called Kooky Pens. There are many different ones and I saw this one stuffed one that I really like. So I carried it around with me because I thought mom would go for it. But NOOOOOO! She just said "You're not getting a kooky friend!" Then she just went back to looking for stuff for the twins! I always feel like this. It is always about Ashley and Delaney and how they have a new place to live! I even saw a pair of sheets that I liked, but mom bought them for the twins! I mean it wasn't a total loss. Mom bought me ice cream afterwards.
Once we got home, my showed Ashley the sheets and she said that I picked them out too. Once she saw them, she said that she didn't like them! Well what a waste of money! So I asked mom if I could take them, but she said "NO! They won't fit your bed!" Delaney liked them, but now mom has to waste her gas in to going to Bed Bath and Beyond to go return the sheets that Ashley didn't like! I think that the twins should buy their own stuff for the apartment because mom and dad pay for Ashley's car bill all the time! I even think that they are paying for apartment the first time too! It is just ridiculous! with a capital R!!!!!! Have you ever been like it was all about your sister or your brother?

Always Bailey


  1. I so know what you mean Boo! I have this sister -- let's just call her "Peanut Brittle", and she got EVERYTHING growing up. Especially from my dad. He called her "girlfriend". We called him "Daddy Sap"... ;)

  2. What??! No kooky friend? That is ridiculous...I mean come on, if a girl can't get a kooky friend then what's the point of living?? I have a little sister who get's pretty much everything she wants...I forgot her name though.

  3. Excuse me - I did NOT get everything....
    I was like the step-child ~ I have like 3 seconds of 'face' time in ALL of the family videos ....I guess they were embarassed about how I looked.........anyhow - I was not spoiled...Sue was.