Sunday, September 13, 2009


Now I know you all know that Halloween is coming up! I know we have a while, but I get excited when a special holiday is coming up. I know that every kids out there is going to be a character of some sort, but not me! I am going o be an object like last year! Last year I was a cupcake, but this year I will be something different. Its a dessert, in either a cone or a bowl, wow that was so obvious. I am going to be an ice cream CONE! Not ice cream in a bowl, IN A CONE!
I love Halloween. Its a day where you ca dress up in what ever yo want! Who wouldn't love that?! I mean come on! Its a kids dream to do tat! Plus people you don't even know give you an amazing amount of CANDY! The best thing in the world besides Webkinz is CANDY!
So anyway, what are you all going to be for Halloween? Might be a character, or even an object like me! But NO COPYING of my costume last year or this year because this is MY thing going with the desserts!

Always, Bailey


  1. I'm going to dress up like mint chocolate chip ice cream then we can hang together ALLLLL day....won't you just love that.

  2. I'm going to be me and carry around a really big spoon and chase you all day. That's what I'm going to be for halloween...

  3. I'm going to be the sun and stand next to you.