Saturday, July 11, 2009

So Tonight I'm going to the Rapids game. It is just going to be me and my dad- Hoo Rah! We have really good seats though! I just hope I get on the TV! I've been on it once, but it was the back of my head!
Anyway, I get to do something totally awesome tomorrow! I get to go play laser tag for my friend Nathan's birthday party! I am so stoked! My friend Alexander (who is also going to the party) is driving me there. It is in loveland. The place is called Laser Traxx! It is so cool! Well I haven't been there, but I bet it is cool!
So I've been counting to how many days my family leaves for the beach. And we leave in let's see, 1, 2, 3... 19 days! I am so ready for boogie boarding, sand castles, and tasty restaurants. It is very different this year because we leave at 4 our time, and 6 their time, so we would get to NJ at 8 our time, but 10 there time. Then we have to get our car, check in to the hotel, and then maybe get something to eat! So it will be a long day!

Always Bailey

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