Saturday, July 4, 2009

Mini Golfing

So in my other blog that I just wrote, you know the 4th of July one, I was gonna add this to it, but silly me, I forgot to do that! So I will do it now!
So on the 3rd, I went Mini Golfing with my sisters Megan, Ashley, Delaney, and Megan's boyfriend Chris. We went to Adventure- Golf and Raceway. We did the full 18 holes. I think only Chris made a hole in one, but it was on a lucky shot! I almost did, but of course it didn't make it! :( So anyway, There was these 3 annoying teenage kids in front of us on the course. They would just mess around and be butt faces and what not. So they put a rock in a hole that a ball would come out of. So I held on to the rock and joking around that I would throw it at them. But of course they all got worse and I was about to punch them, But instead, I took my rock and threw at them. They couldn't see me, so it was good. But you know the good part was, was that I actually him them too! Oh boy it was a good day!
So after we were done with the 17 holes, we finally came to the last one which was the best of all! It was a tiki guy, and if you made a hole in one, it would shoot out fire! If you missed, them it would shoot out water. I missed, Delaney missed, Ashley missed, Megan missed, but Chris made it. Again on a lucky shot!
I have a question for you, has anything so totally crazy happened to you while mini golfing like you made like 5 holes in one! write me your answers in the comment box! :)

Always Bailey

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