Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th Of July! :)

Happy fourth everyone! I had a great day today. My family had a huge party! We invited all of our family, well at least the ones that I know well! There was volleyball, badminton, but we kind of abandoned the slip n' slide. It wasn't the best weather for it! So it rained for a good half hour or so. But when the sun came out and it was still pouring, the older kids (including me) went out to play volleyball in the rain! It was fun! My cousin Kevin got really dirty because he kept sliding in the mud! Once we got bored of that, I got the hose and started spraying everyone! My cousin Charlie REALLY got wet!
After the party, I went to my grandma's house to watch fire works. My cousin Will and I had a lot of fun! My only expectation that didn't happen (and I am extremely sad) was that I wanted to see a fire work in the shape of an American flag! Doesn't the flag mean like 95% percent of 4th of July?! I mean COME ON!
But anyway, enough about me and my life, what was your day like and what was your favorite part? To send me your answers, click on sign in by the comment box and I think you need some kind of a special account to get in, but you'll see it when you get there. Then when you sign in, post a comment about your favorite part of the day and what you did!

Always Bailey


  1. So Boo, I'd have to say that sitting in the middle of the street with blankets and brownies at gram's house watching fireworks was probably my favorite part. Especially because we didn't get hit by any cars.

  2. I totally agree with Caroline.....
    Also, it was FUN trying to figure out what the 'low' fireworks even looked like......