Friday, July 17, 2009

Baby Sitting

So today my sister Ashley and I went baby sitting. We had to watch my Aunt Sue's kids. Jack, Charlie, Holly, and Henry. Little did we know, my Aunt Care's baby sitter baled on her. So we had to watch her kids too! Will, Bridget, and Teddy. My aunt sue and uncle John went to go play a tennis match, then they were going to go to a party with their friends for a friend. My aunt Care was going to the same party. That is why we had to watch all those kids. We played a lot of things. We played army, and ooh, we also played this game where I was like really famous and I had like 3 butlers! We soon got bored of that so we went upstairs to watch TV. Care soon came over to get her kids so that was like a load off my shoulders! Well Ashley and I!
So anyway, if you haven't already noticed, I have changed my template for my blog! I got bored of my old one, so i changed it! Tomorrow I hope to go baby sit at the same place, but with my sister Megan! Have you ever baby sat a crowed like this? If you have contact me and tell me about it!

Always Bailey

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